Testare, Frontend

  • You have worked with backend development but like working in the frontend.
  • You're comfortable working in a modern, javascript intense, client side environment. 
  • You are familiar with the challenges of testing asynchronous code.
  • You enjoy the dynamic nature of javascript and you appreciate how modularized, well structured code lends itself well to mocking and testing.
  • You know how utilize headless browsers like phantom.js for running tests.
  • You keep up to date with new frameworks, libraries, and the advances in implementation of the ECMAScript specification in browsers.
  • You are tickled by the challenge of sinking your teeth into testing the HTML5 video streaming of a popular video-on-demand service.

Buzzword bingo: mocha.js, sinon.js, phantom.js, casper.js, HTML5, CSS3, node.js, react.js, DASH, visual regression testing.

Start: Omgående
Placeringsort: Centrala Stockholm