Core Network coordinator (Refnr:21)

Till vår kund i norrort söker vi en Core Network coordinator:

Work description:

Both Core network and OSS are very critical components for radio products development & verification.
You will work with a geographically distributed cellular operator like core network located in different sites in Sweden, Western Europe, North America and Asia.
The network consists today of legacy platforms/products and also a new virtualized environment is introduced in a test environment as a supplement to the legacy nodes.
Monitoring OSS solutions consist of support/maintenance system for Radio nodes, run on remote servers.
Team tasks today is to work with improvements/functionality based primarily on test organization requirements, also to coordinate work with critical Trouble reports issues towards the Core Network/OSS. The team is also responsible for maintaining a long term strategy for Core Network/OSS with regards to SW/HW.
Upgrade/replacement. Also, very critical to coordinate with test organizations for their requirements.
Needed competence profile:
- A full-time resource is needed to work with the geographically distributed cellular operator like core network/OSS supporting both Global ICT Center moves and daily operations work with an E2E perspective. 
- A technical resource that can coordinate with stakeholders and manage both Core network and OSS/ENM based on the need of test organizations with requested HW and SW. 
- Gather & analyze many product development requirements and understanding of E2E test setup in order to Support test organization with solutions that fit their test needs with a cost efficient and long term perspective. 
- Good knowledge of SW development and project management process and procedures.
- Additionally, knowledge in cloud technology is an advantage. 

Start: Så snart som möjligt
Uppdragslängd: 12 mån
Placeringsort: Stockholm, norrort