Lead Developer (Refnr 37)

Till vår kund söker vi en Senior Web Developer , enligt nedan:

Lead Developer
We are transitioning from 4 great developers working on separate maintenance projects into a team working together and filling most of the Scrum sprints with new development. This will require that we are working according to common practices and coding standards.
The level of test automation is very low. We need to find a way to get creating test automation a daily habit. New development will be made in Azure using micro services.
We need an experienced lead developer that can boost our agile mindset. The persons should be able to come with suggestions and start discussions about the code and also how we work as a team with outside perspective and fresh eyes.
You will be expected to support the teams, and lead the use of practical agile engineering methods, backed by deep understanding of software engineering principles.
We believe you
§  Have strong experience in coaching and leading cross functional development teams towards top quality software by implementing practical agile way of working in daily activities
being a role model for the team in acting agile
§  Have experience with working as a lead .NET developer in an agile team
§  Have a strong technical background
§  Have a great understanding of system design, data structures, object oriented programming and software engineering principles, and understand how to apply them to design pragmatic solutions.
§  Care about quality and know what it means to ship high quality code.
§  Have the ability and interest in influencing other developers to improve
§  Have self-motivation, good co-operation and communication skills in Swedish

Location: Bergshamra 
October, full time 2017 and part time a couple of months in beginning of January