AWS-arkitekt/expert (Refnr: 112)

Till vår kund söker vi en AWS-arkitekt/expert, enligt nedan:

The Cloud Operations team is responsible for building our public cloud capabilities that provides and allows our cutting edge engineering teams to continuously innovate and solve tons of interesting problems, such as;

  • Developing the next generation of consumer apps, seamlessly combining payment, financing and post purchase customer care
  • Providing a smooth checkout experience for both large and small merchants that maximizes consumer experience
  • Developing innovative payment options with unparalleled flexibility and convenience
  • Designing cutting edge risk assessment and fraud detection solutions that work at world class speed and reliability
  • Collecting, correlating and delivering millions of data points that feed our core services with relevant customer insights

You should get in touch with us if you have experience with and enjoy:

  • Automating processes within Cloud Operations; security configuration and account management of the highest quality
  • Helping Development teams understand and implement best practice Cloud Architecture
  • Working to provide a highly scalable and complex Cloud environment (AWS in this case)
  • Implementing tooling to help Development teams use the public Cloud efficiently
  • Automating cost monitoring and improving the visibility of resource utilization
  • Providing and supporting various programming and tooling options within our Cloud to allow an autonomous approach within our Engineering domains

Your ideal experience would include;

  • Experience of working and leading technically within a scalable AWS / Cloud environment, leading and managing multiple account environments and applications
  • Technical leadership and service oriented experience, still hands on technically to build out and provide the architectural structure in our high availability AWS Cloud environment and its services
  • Ability to support and help create the environment, platform and structure around Cloud based services to diverse engineering groups
  • Software Development experience in Python and/or Ruby, Golang but importantly be
  • motivated to understand and work in multiple languages as and when needed
  • Test driven development exposure, Automation and scripting experience
  • Container technology understanding/experience (i.e. Docker) and Container Orchestration (Mesos, Kubernetes) is desirable
  • The use of automation tools such as CloudFormation, Terraform or Ansible
  • Clear, consultative communication ability - logical and advisory in approach

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Placeringsort: 100% på plats hos kunden, Stockholm