IOT-ios Developer (Refnr:138)

Developer Mobile SDK - iOS   
Job Description
As a developer you will be part of a large team with the responsibility to delivery an SDK serving as the foundation for applications used to interact with connected company´s appliances. The development will initially be done using Swift but other languages might be considered in the future. The SDK is also provided as a Cordova plugin which always need to be aligned with the Android version. As a SDK developer you will also be supporting app developers that are using the SDK by creating examples, writing documentation and answer questions they may have. At the same time you have to be mindful of app developers needs in order to continuously improve the SDK. You will also be working closely with the backend developers in order to adapt the SDK to expose new features and provide input to backend developers on new API's.
·         5+ years of development experience for the iOS platform
·         C, C++ 2-3 Years
·         Experience using Swift for iOS developement
·         Experience using java script for mobile developement
·         Experience building a production applications
·         Experience in creating CocoaPod libraries
·         Experience using Test Driven Development
·         Experience using Continuous Delivery practices Knowledge using development tools such as issue tracking systems, versioning platforms, etc.... Comfortable working in an Agile environment Proficient in spoken and written English
Great to have 
·       java android developement
·         experience native android developement experience hybrid
·         Released to the App Store
·         Jenkins, Jira, Bitbucket

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