Scrum Master/Agile Lead (Refnr: 140)

Till vår kund söker vi en Scrum Master/Agile Lead, enligt nedan:


We are searching for an experienced agile team lead to guide and facilitate a newly formed team. The team will have mixed experiences in agile methodologies, although most members have several years of experience. 

You should be passionate about agile methodologies continuously improve ways of working. Where your engagement and participation will be crucial for the success of the team.
We work within the SAFe framework, which translates to SCRUM on the team level.


  • Scrum master
  • SAFe
  • C++ software developer
  • C#
  • Visual Studio
  • Matlab

Start: Så snart som möjligt
Placeringsort: 100% på plats hos kunden, Stockholm