Scrum Master (Refnr:192)

Till vår kund söker vi en Scrum Master, enligt nedan:

The consultant will be member of an agile team that have responsibility to deliver complete features according to the program increment planning, including requirement specification, risk analysis, technical documentation, implementation of production code and test code, and manual testing of the implemented functionality. The consultant shall act as a scrum master and software tester or developer in and for the team, facilitating and contributing to team and program activities such as planning, review and retrospective, and contribute to the daily development work carried out in the team.
The team has the responsibility to manage detailed planning of its work and demonstrate its progress in sprint demos. 
As a scrum master and agile coach for the team, the responsibility is to facilitate the team work and maximize the team progress including all above mentioned activities.
In addition to professional competence in testing and C++ software development, the consultant needs to have experience and expertise in agile methodology and coaching of agile teams. Excellent communication skills orally (Swedish and English) and written (English) is required to support the transparency and team-oriented way of working in an agile team.

Start: Så snart som möjligt
Placeringsort: 100% på plats hos kunden, Stockholm