System Specialist IP-Access Configuration & Operations (Refnr:198)

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The Team
IP-Access Configuration & Operations is a team consisting of 12 highly skilled system specialists within IP network working within the IP Network department. The team has the responsibility to configure and maintain operations of the IP networks managed by Shared Operations. The main tasks are to deliver best in class IP network services to end users customers and to mobile networks.
IP-Access Configuration & Operations is the last line of support for escalations for IP Access network related trouble tickets. The team is On Call 24/7/265 towards NOC and internal interfaces.
IP-Access Configuration & Operations is a stakeholder within strategy and design as well as a key participant when it comes to low level detail planning and configuration.
The team works with several vendors such Cisco, Juniper, Ericsson, Alcatel, etc with products within IP networks and DSL Networks

The Role
Your role as system specialist within IP-Access Configuration & Operations could include works within IP network delivery (coordination, planning, preparation, execution and follow up), software upgrades, as well as advanced troubleshooting related to alarms or trouble tickets. Often together with internal interfaces as well as external interfaces such as vendors or partners.
You will acts as support to the IP-Access Configuration & Operations team to enable the main resources to focus on key projects currently ongoing.
The activities will require works during maintenance window (night works) 1-4 times / week.
You should be able to have a short starting period, contributing within a short period of time, as well as sharing and proposing ideas of how the team can do things differently or more efficient.

It is required that you should be able to work independently as well as take the responsibility as a team player.
It’s very important to be flexible, pragmatic and not afraid of asking any questions.

You have several years of experience working within IP networks and DSL networks. You should consider yourself being an IP network specialist of medium seniority. You should have been working with Cisco, Juniper as well as Ericsson, Alcatel and more. You know switching and routing and know how it could be used different implementations. It is good if you are certified within Juniper and/or Cisco. It is good if you have been working within an operator before to truly understand the End-to-End end user customer utilizing various services over the IP networks.
You speak and write Swedish and English fluently.

It’s good if you have knowledge within programming and scripting

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