Teststrateg (Refnr:217)

Test strategy
Define a test process to handle these kind of tests:
·       SW releases from suppliers of different HW
o   How to handle features vs fixes.
·       SW releases from internal development
o   How to handle features vs fixes
·       HW releases from different suppliers

Test infrastructure and test environments.
Test specifications/test cases (connection to requirements?)

Suggest a tool to use to keep track of testing of the different things above.

After ended project, the company will have a test process described, in paper, which the company can implement (follow).
The expectation is that someone within the company can make sure that the process is followed. 
It should be easy to understand where the company is in the test process, independent of if we are testing new SW release from supplier on existing HW or if it is new HW.
The company also expect to get a suggestion about a tool which works well with our business and what we are doing.