Systemägare (Refnr:271)

Vår kund söker nu en systemägare, en erfaren utvecklare med öga för arkitektur och ledarskap:

The system owners are ensuring that development of the system has been carried out correctly. They ensure that the system can be described in a comprehensive manner for various stakeholders.
Since it takes time to learn and contribute technically we are looking for a person that in the beginning during competence build-up can take on coordinating and follow-up tasks such as coordinating the team work, update and follow-up issues at and outside the team, put together status reports for releases, chair meetings, etc etc.

Experience requirements:
Experience from development (requirement, implementation, documentation, testing etc) and preferably coordinating systems containing SW (product owner, test leader, project leader, release manager, CM etc).

Meriting is knowledge / experience of:
Embedded systems and not only pure IT systems, experience of engine control systems.

Personality Requirements:
Structured and accurate. Ability to effectively search for necessary information through personal contacts.
Good ability to quickly get into new subjects and have control of many issues at the same time. Good
capacity to process data and issues in different IT systems such as issue handling systems etc.

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