Admin/Supply-konsult (Refnr:323)

Till vår kund söker vi en Admin/Supply-konsult, enligt nedan:
Personal skills
Is positive as a person with a go mentality
Executes, delivers on time and commitments
Team player with the ability to communicate and collaborate with stakeholders in a professional way
Knowledge sharing and a structural way of working is natural for you
Key Qualifications
·  Experience and good knowledge in Logistics and Supply Chain
·  Customer oriented with good communication/presentation skills
·  Good analytical ability
·  Business Understanding
·  ECP Tools
·  CRM
Work Tasks:
Supporting HWM team with processing orders towards our suppliers following tasks will be performed.
Order Entry
·  Receive demands in HWM DS
·  Enter 100% clarified project orders into SAP ONE
·  RFQ process for non-EAB orders
·  Check/act on Special Requirements mentioned in HWM DS
·  Verify and secure vendor on Sales Order
·  Verify and support on sourcing scenarios (PfS, MtO, BTO)
Order Monitoring
·  Monitor material progress from SO, PO placement through customer receipt
·  Secure order acknowledgement and update demands in HWM DS
·  Act on improvement requests
·  Act on delays from supplier
·  Request improvements against supplier
·  Re-planning and update of orders and demands in HWM DS
·  Prepare and collect system information on escalations
Transportation Planning
·  Identify deliveries ready for shipment
·  Check for dangerous goods and act according to current WoW
·  Plan shipment data i.e. check time tables, routes
·  Create Shipment
·  Secure and update correct weight and volume
·  Validate shipment-100% clarified distribution order
Transportation Execution
·  Prepare required shipment documents (Packing lists, Invoices, Dangerous goods)
·  Shipment execution control
·  Send Distribution Order to LSP
·  Monitor Transportation
·  Update demand status and dates (Pl. Rec. Date) in HWM DS
·  Report transport deviation to relevant HWM Manager
·  Act on transport claims
·  Monitor and evaluate transport efficiency and quality
Other responsibilities
·  Buy Back
·  Claims & replacements
·  ECP Tool, Product package ordering
·  Order cancellation
·  Freight charge network settling
·  Return & Rework
·  Debit/Credit support
·  Invoicing support
·  Follow up open orders to secure they are delivered on time and report deviations and risks to HWM.
Start: Oktober
Placeringsort: 100% på plats hos kunden, Stockholm