Javautvecklare (Refnr:322)

Till vår kund söker vi Java utvecklare, enligt nedan:
Team for transformation of our customers Test System from LabView to Java.
Tasks will include architecture, transforming test case, test management, instrument driver etc.
Will consist of 6 – 8 team members with Java development as core competence. 1 Team member will be Scrum Master on part time 50% and Java developer on 50%.
Team will be placed in Sylog premises in Kista or in Sylog outsourcing partner premises.
Team Requirements:
·         5+ years java experience for senior competence
·         A mix of junior and senior competence is preferred (3 Senior, 5 junior)
·         Java Certifiering is a plus
·         JCAT or TestNG experience is a plus.
·         Wireless Communication experience is a plus.
JCAT is a customization of TestNG platform 
Start: Augusti
Placeringsort: 100% hos kunden, Stockholm