Product owner (Refnr:369)

The work includes
analyzing new needs together with product managers, UX and system designers
defining roadmaps for the development of our product areas and platforms
owning the development backlog, making sure it always contains the most important work and not more
than that
visualizing current and planned work together with project managers
showing progress and keeping stakeholder expectations in sync with development capacity
driving demos and generating stakeholder feedback
facilitation retrospectives and team improvement work
have a holistic understanding of our situation to be able to prioritize day-to-day activities
speaking the languages of products, technology, time and money fluently
Required competence and experience
> 5 years of experience in developing systems or products
> 3 years of experience in the role of Product Owner
Previously worked with multiple teams and teams that deliver to multiple projects
Experience of really minimizing an MVP and keeping the improvement deliveries coming
Ability to drive backlog creation, refinement, grooming etc.
Proficient in creating, visualizing and maintaining product and platform roadmaps
Ability to lead and coach teams in non-tech areas
Great communicator, quick learner, excellent at explaining
Enthusiastic about creating and improving ways of working
“Build-Test-Learn” tattooed on both arms
Confident but without personal prestige
Thriving on cooperation, getting things done and awesome user experiences
Extra credits for
Product development experience
IoT experience
Worked with DevOps teams
Active community participation, conference presence etc.
Worked closely with UX
Scrum master experience
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