Experienced Backend Engineer (refnr:377)

What you’ll do:
* Design, develop and test backend services for our new system using Java, gRPC and GKE
* Work with storage and processing of input and output data in GCS, CloudSQL and BigQuery
* Improve and maintain the legacy system using Python, Docker and PostgreSQL
You know how to
* Create maintainable and testable Java and Python code with quality
* Work with dockerized software running on Linux
* Work with both relational and non-relational data structures and storage
You are experienced with
* Working with Financial systems under ITGC control
* Working in a devops team, monitoring the operational status of the systems and handle issues and incidents that occur
You care about
* Being a team player in an agile environment
* Producing well tested and clean code that someone else can continue to build upon
* Automating repeating tasks to make us and our stakeholders faster
You have:
* 5+ years of experience as a backend developer
Job Posting Start Date:   2018-11-01
Job Posting End Date:   2019-10-31