Software Developer (Refnr:397)

Language is C, but is integrated with applications and backend systems written in a variety of languages, including Java, Python, C++ to name a few
Who you are:
- You are a developer who cares about your personal and professional growth as much as collaborating with other teammates
- You care deeply about quality, and you know what it means to ship high quality code to your partners
- You are an experienced Software Developer who enjoys building tools and libraries for other developers
- You have worked on software libraries or understand and apply good API design practices
- You embrace quality and test as part of your work discipline. You want to automate as much as possible of the testing that is part of the everyday development process. If you’re not already an expert you would like to grow in this area
If you have backend Java, Python or mobile development skills, that’s a huge advantage since you will be able to tackle full-stack problems together with the team
Start Date:   2018-11-01
End Date:   2019-01-31