Senior engineering manager (Refnr:432)

Description:   We need a senior engineering manager consultant to bridge the gap while we are hiring.
The role is to be the Tech Lead for a Product Area in the Experience Mission. In the area we work primarily with web based clients that serves millions of users. In this role you the manager of engineering managers and accountable for the delivery of the engineering org of around 30 engineers in five development teams. You drive the organization towards success together with the product lead and the design lead for the area.
One of the challenges this leader will face is supporting several junior managers who are moving from a senior engineer role into the engineering manager role. They will need active coaching and leadership role modeling to grow in the right direction. Another challenge is that we are just about to do an adjustment to our organization so there will be some change management needed to get people on board and make that transition successful.
As the tech lead you are accountable for the quality of our tech which means that you need to make sure we have a good tech strategy and engineering practices. This will however not be the primary focus for this consultant role since we are starting up a bigger change initiative that will be driven by the tribe lead (the hiring manager for this role).
We are working with several different products and are involved in many initiatives at a time why there will be many different contexts and lots of information to digest. The person will need to be a fast learner that easily digest lots of information and finds a good way forward.
Job Posting Start Date:   2019-01-21
Job Posting End Date:   2019-07-05