Javascript developer (Refnr:485)

- A minimum of 5 years of relevant software development experience
- Strong problem-solving and communication skills.
- Excellent coding skills, preferable JavaScript.
- Understand the great benefits and drawbacks of a microservice and other architectures.
- Knows the importance of writing testable code and understands the value of test-automation.
- Knows the pros and cons and when to use message-brokers such as RabbitMQ.
- Basic knowledge in containers and docker and big interest to dig deeper
- Understand the importance of monitoring and tracing.
- Experienced in creating continuous integration/delivery pipelines, preferable Gitlab or TeamCity.
- Experience with git and like working with PR’s.
- Experienced working in an agile environment applying methods such as scrum, kanban, pair programming and mob programming.
- Experience and knowledge of
AngularJS and React
Node.js and dotnet core
Docker and Kubernetes
Cloud computing services
Your Role?
You will join as Senior Developer in the innovation and core technology team. Your team will work closely with the development organization to create the next step in technology enabling your colleagues in the customer facing product teams. Your team, lead by your Tech Lead, will work closely with the product organization to create experiences that are a cut above the rest!