Frontendutvecklare (Refnr:511)

Job Description 
You will be responsible for developing front end (or full stack) software for consumer facing products and e-commerce solutions across more than 80 countries. Your responsibilities will include rapid development of prototypes/concepts, and regular product development. 
You should have start-up experience where you have quickly developed prototypes and catalysed product development in a fast paced, fluid environment. You are a hands-on developer with front-end (or full-stack) experience. You are experienced with agile development and a champion of software development best practices. 

Required Skills 
• Experience as a front-end software engineer, designing and creating code, and served as a tech lead. 
• Knowledge of front end development, including responsive interfaces, single page applications and using modern JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, React, or Bootstrap. 
• Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS along with authoring tools 
• Understanding of Service Oriented Architectures 
• Experience of SiteCore or CMS development important. 
• Strong understanding of multiple languages, including 2+ of C#, Python, Java, Ruby, Scala, JavaScript 
• Experience developing code with AWS, Google App Engine, Azure, or other major cloud providers 
• Ability to do technical interviewing, to assist with building a highly functioning team of software engineers. 

Minimum Qualifications 
• Bachelor’s Degree 
• Minimum 3 years work experience developing front-end software 
• Strong software design skills and knowledge of design patterns 
• Expertise in and experience developing consumer-facing products 
• Experience with Agile/Scrum methodologies and associated tools (Jira) 

Preferred Qualifications 
• Full-stack development experience is a big plus (e.g. developing back-end REST services) 
• Understanding of CMS systems, such as Drupal and SiteCore 
• Understanding of Microsoft .NET and Azure technologies 
• Experience developing mobile applications