Agil Coach (Refnr:526)

What is the role?
As an Agile coach within B2C IT you will work closely with different teams to help them develop their Agile skills in order to become self-sufficient and benefit from Agile approaches. You will support the start-up of new teams and projects, give advice to improve the application of Scrum/Kanban throughout projects, and make sure that the best practices are being used. As an Agile coach you are just as comfortable acting as Scrum Master within a team as you are coaching Agile values to business and executive stakeholders.
These are some of your responsibilities:
•                          Act as a role model in agile principles
•                          Support the team to achieve increased agile maturity based on modern agile principles
•                          Help teams implement Agile development approaches and grow into DevOps practices
•                          Inspire and coach through action, both at a high conceptual level and at a pragmatic and practical level
•                          Combine being the agile conscience with supporting the leadership team with the knowhow about how to deliver on the vision, mission and target.
You will work in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment with other Agile coaches who share your passion about communication, group dynamics and coaching.