Agile Coach inom B2B (Refnr:533)

Agile Coach in B2B 
Act as Agile coach in implementing an agile way of work in B2B. Support development teams in continuously develop processes. Support management team in agile leadership. 

The consultant with work together with another agile coach in IT B2B and also together with other agile coaches at the company. Main responsibility is to coach teams in the transformation into a agile way of work. Be a support day-to-day work in breaking down goals to deliverable items and also in implementing an agile culture. 

Training and coaching teams, scrum masters, product owners and other key roles in a large scale agile transformation. 

Experience in agile coaching, preferable in Telecom Industry. 
Ability to coach both individuals and teams in a structured way. Ability to listen and understand alternate points of view and adapt the coaching to the individuals. 
Calm, analytical and an ability to visualize is characteristics that are needed.
Placeringsort: 100% på plats hos kunden, Stockholm