Developer Java/scala (Refnr:543)

Description:   We are looking for an experienced Java/Scala developer that will join the user behaviour instrumentation team. 
What you’ll do
* Develop and maintain Java tooling.
* Contribute to high volume data pipelines written in Scala
* Work with code generation for multiple languages (Typescript, Swift, Java, Obj-C, Scala etc)
* Contribute to the design and implementation of the instrumentation platform for Spotify clients.
* Use your full-stack experience to design intelligent solutions that include front-end, client and back-end systems.

Who you are
* You know how to write clean, maintainable Java and Scala code
* You have a basic understanding of Google Cloud Platform (data flow, BigQuery, Kubernetes)
* You have a basic understanding of Docker and Gradle
* You practice TDD
* You are comfortable dealing with code in other languages and platforms that you are not familiar with

Job Posting Start Date:   2019-09-23
Job Posting End Date:   2020-03-13