Frontendutvecklare React (Refnr:546)

We are now looking for Frontend developers who wants to contribute setting up our new solutions in React!

These are some of your responsibilities: 
•                          Develop and implement new user-facing features  
•                          Drive transformation towards our new technologies, React and Contentful
•                          Participate in realizing CI/CD and DevOps for your team
•                          Maintaining and stabilizing our solutions 
•                          Work Data driven and discuss design and UX (with the team) before implementation 
•                          Work hypothesis driven and ensure that our customer’s experience is constantly challenged and improved.
You will work in a dynamic work environment. As a Front-end developer within IT B2C you are also a part of a chapter, composed of our Front-end developers, meeting on a weekly basis to share knowledge and exchange thoughts and ideas.  
What we are looking for  
We are looking for a team member with development and analytical skills. Besides the previous description we would like you to have the following skills:  
•                          2+ years’ experience working as a React developer 
•                          Documented experience working with GIT  
•                          Experience working with web accessibility (WCAG)