FW testare (Refnr: 564)

FW test:
Formal (independent) test suite (black box testing) is used for verification of functional requirements. FW is developed in VHDL, as is the testbenches. The main tool is Modelsim.
The designs targets Xilinx (Spartan or Artix) or Intel (Altera Cyclone) FPGAs. Testbenches are expected to produce reports describing what has been tested and the result.
A scripting environment is used for Builds and Testing, typically a Makefile and shell-scripts. Verification also include Code coverage and functional coverage analysis. Documentation and reviews are a natural part of all stages of the project cycle, to achieve conformance to standards. Formal version handling of files is required to ensure traceability.
We expect the applicant to have practical experience and being reasonably confident in the field of FW and VHDL (as in FPGA/ASIC) engineering or test.