Senior Frontendutvecklare (Refnr:5)

Vi söker nu en senior Frontend-utvecklare, enligt nedan:
•       Senior Frontend developer (react), minimum 2 years
•       Proven lead developer experience
•       Documented experience working with CI/CD
Solid knowledge within following technologies are desired: JavaScript, ES6, React, Redux , Webpack, CSS, TypeScript, PWA, GIT, Unit testing, e2e testing
Other skills that we consider to be an advantage is knowledge of Web accessibility (WCAG), node.js, angularjs and .Net.
About this role
You will work as a Front-end developer within our Comviq Join team being responsible for the Webshop where we are doing a migration into our new technology stack, using React as Front-end. In addition to working with development of our new webshop.
We also expect you to be able to take lead on refinement together with PO with a focus on slicing stories based on how we can Deliver Value Continuously.
In addition to this we have a goal cross-teams to work towards Continuous delivery and we expect you to be able to take lead on those kind of issues.
The team are working from Kista tuesdays and wednesdays and it would be greatly appreciated if the consultant are able to work these days from Kista also, since it's a leadrole with many stakeholders, especially the PO.
The team is responsible for building great customer experience within the B2C segment.
These will be some the team-member responsibilities:
• Develop and implement new user-facing features
• Drive transformation towards our new technologies, React and Contentful
• Realizing CI/CD and azure DevOps pipelines
• Close collaboration on design and UX (with the team) before implementation
• Work hypothesis driven and ensure that our customer’s experience is constantly challenged and improved.
We believe that you like pair programming and see it as an opportunity to share and learn new things. And that you also like working in an agile team and understand what it really means, and that you like to learn new techniques and skills.