System Architecht (Refnr:25)

Technical System Architect to the team working with the NaviBilling system. The system is developed by our 3rd party vendor, but the team is responsible for maintenance, operations, configurations and technical requirements toward our vendor.
We are currently working with a modernization initiative to secure future performance and functionality and in parallel we are migrating customers from legacy platforms to the NaviBilling system.
You will have a central role in the Modernization project, as well as in daily work with ongoing challenges in the team.
NaviBilling is a Billing platform based on Microsoft NAV.
You are required to have good knowledge on Microsoft technologies, e.g. MS SQL Server.
Knowledge about Microsoft NAV and Navibilling is a strong qualification.
Experience in the billing area, preferably telecom is a strong qualification.
Hands-on technical skills as well as theoretical System architect skills are required for this role.