CLM Manager (Refnr:83)

Main tasks:
- Project lead the work of setting an Engagement Model for the segments Large Enterprise & Public accounts including gap analysis. Aiming to improve cross- & upselling, NPS & retention.
Deliverables: Hands on Engagement Model (playbook), ready for the organization to start working according to and/or develop capabilities to support. It is likely that implementation (or at least starting up the implementation phase) of key parts in the playbook will also be included in the consultants expected deliverables.
- Participate as the Commercial representor in the Customer Experience Project (integrator services). Lead by Product Management.
Competence level:
The candidate should be an experienced CRM/CLM manager with vast knowledge of the operator and/or integrator business.
Key prerequisites to be successful include:
- Knowing the key trigger points and touchpoints of a customer lifecycle within the operator/integrator business
- Well experienced with the new digital landscape of interaction and marketing automations role in a customer lifecycle
Personal traits:
- Process oriented with strong project leadership skills
- Has strategic height but still with a passion for details