Fullstack (Refnr:158)

We are on the look out for someone with solid experience of developing end-to-end web services.  You are a problem solver at heart with an active interest in tech evangelist and quick to find solutions. You thrive in a team environment and collaborating on solutions. We also believe that you are a communicative individual.

Successful candidates also meet the following requirements:  
• Experience working with Back-end development in NodeJS and Golang
• Experience with Front-end development in React & Vue
• Running services on AWS using containers on EC2, lambda functions, DynamoDB
• Experience with source code and binary repositories, build tools and pipelines such as Git, Jenkins, CI/CD and Artifactory
• Have Docker knowledge
• Experience working with logs and metric systems, preferably Prometheus, Grafana, Splunk or ELK
• Solid understanding of cloud infrastructure, preferably AWS.  
• Experience in pair – programming
• You are use to give and receive code reviews
Bonus requirements that will make you stand out from the rest:  
• Experience in Front-end development in Angular
• Python knowledge
• Experience in AWS Cloud Formation
You will join an on-site team of four called TOC Engineering (as a part of our Technical Operations Center) and work in an agile and QA-conscious tech organization with high demands on reliability. Your main task will be building solutions that help reduce incident resolution time as well as proactively prevent them across the platform. This includes everything from automating, monitoring and alarms on an infrastructural level, to teaching developers how to instrument and monitor their services. 

Besides software design and development, you will play a great part in the team’s architectural decisions and make sure that these align with the rest of the platform and infrastructure. Your technical decisions and corresponding implementation of solutions will help us to bridge the gap between cloud platform, operations and development. 
The TOC Engineering team plays a key role in the organization, making everyday life easier for customer service, operations agents and developers by automating manual processes and designing necessary tooling. You will be a valued member of an autonomous team and work within an expanding organization that strives for excellence by taking responsibility and pitch in where needed.