Frontend developer (C#) (Refnr: 159)

The project:
Assist refactoring an existing in-house desktop-based design tool used in radio allocation to increase quality and then continue with addition of new features and functionality.
Team currently consists of one experienced developer with insights into the existing code base, having worked on the project for 18 months, and who will keep working on the project, and an experienced Radio Engineer.
An important task is to enable automated testing of the tool for the purpose of regression testing.
Duration: at least one year, most of initial work would focus on GUI.
There is a possibility to continue with or mix other tasks such as integration with other design tools (Matlab) and back-end work (centralized project file storage and access control).
Must have:
- Modern C# (async, yield return, LINQ extension methods...)
- Design patterns for GUI development (separation of view and logic: MVC, MVVM..., command pattern for undo-redo)
- Knowledge of WinForms (or similar framework)
- 5 years in software development
- Automated testing (NUnit, XUnit or similar on .net or other platform)
Good to have:
- 10 years experience or more in software development
- Knowledge of modern GUI frameworks for Windows desktop (WPF...)
- F# or other functional programming
- Git
- Clickonce
- Matlab
- Setting up or implementing document management systems (storage, access control, version control...)
- Transition from .net framework 4.8 to .net 5 and later
- Visual Studio Code extensions (Debug Adapter Protocol, Language Server)
- Radio experience
- Working experience at Ericsson