Python, Java or Javascript developer (Refnr:160)

  • Min 3+ years Python or Java or JavaScript programming experience
  • Be familiar with the WebApp framework and key libraries in either program language: 
                Python – pecan/Flask/Celery/Ansible
               Java – SpringBoot/SpringCloud
               JavaScript – ES6/EUI/EDS
  • Good database knowledge: My SQL/PostgreSQL/MonetDB 
  • Familiar with development environment incl. Unix/Docker/Gitlab/JIRA etc.
  • Cloud/Cloud Native knowledge including OpenStack, Kubernetes. Knowledge on virtual network and container network will be a plus
  • Database related knowledge and experience: ELK, MySQL, InfluxDB
  • Basic concept and understanding on ML/AI will be preferred, especially on NLP and time-series data
  • Solid Linux OS and operation knowledge (e.g. shell script)
  • Domain knowledge on Ericsson product/solution (e.g. RAN, NFIV, CNIS)  will be a plus