DevOps inom GCP (Refnr:166)

You will be part of a small, cross-functional team that has full responsibility and accountability for everything from infrastructure, APIs, and back-office applications.

Our working environment
Our platform is based on Java SE 11 micro services running in Kubernetes. We’re doing continuous delivery and use Docker and Docker Compose for test automation. There are no testers in the team, instead we rely heavily on our automated tests and deployment pipelines. We use Apache Kafka for event sourcing and have created our own custom framework on top of google guice to make it easy to develop and maintain each micro service. All our servers are running on Linux and our desktop environment is also Linux or macOS.

We’re using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and configure our environments using Google Deployment Manager and HashiCorp Terraform along with custom tooling written in TypeScript and bash. For managing our VM images we use packer and puppet. All code and configurations are kept under source control in GitHub.
Preferred qualifications

  • Have 8+ years experience of IT infrastructure operation
  • Work experience with Docker, Kubernetes and Micro Services
  • Deep understanding of cloud infrastructure and tooling
  • Work experience with GCP and provisioning of infrastructure, preferable with Google Deployment Manager and Terraform
  • Used to developing, deploying, running and debugging software in Linux environments using the command line
  • Have a good understanding in Java, Angular, Typescript codebase for performing DevOps related tasks
  • Have curiosity and a highly collaborative work style, you are empathic and really care about how we affect the users
  • Have worked in customer critical applications where security was important
  • You are a great communicator and excellent with spoken and written English.