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DevOps Engineer ID: 9

DevOps Engineer som är fena på Kubernetes. Teamet är distribuerat så det är fullt möjligt att köra 100% remote.

We consider IT Security as being part of our core business. We provide digital content to over 5 million people who all rely on us to protect their data and assure it is always available. You'll play a key role in our Infrastructure and Security team, where you will work alongside great colleagues with a strong focus on building and improving our security posture.

Our infrastructure is based on:

  • Distributed systems, micro service architecture (Docker and Kubernetes)

  • Automation and provisioning with Ansible and Terraform

  • Colocation and Google Cloud Platform using CentOS

  • Web stack: Nginx, HAProxy, Google LB

  • Monitoring and logging: Zabbix, Sentry, Pagerduty, Splunk

  • Zookeeper, Kafka, Python, Erlang and some Java backend applications

  • Self hosted hardware: HP, Cisco, MikroTik, Supermicro

  • Database environment: Riak, PostgreSQL

  • IAM: Google, MS AD, ldap

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