Electrical power engineer ID:264

As an electrical power engineer you will be a part of a team of experts within power electronics development. Your work will range from selection of components for energy conversion, optimization on power delivery on a system level, design for good EMC as well as power loss and heat analysis, among others. The power units that we are developing range from a couple of watts to several kilowatts, both rectification (AC/DC) and DC/DC. You will be involved in the entire development process together with developers from other technical areas. You need a good understanding for the different phases in a development project such as pre study, requirement analysis, design, verification and support for the complete product life cycle.


You have a M.Sc. within electrical engineering or similar as well as many years of experience within development and testing of power electronics, both AC/DC and DC/DC, and power magnetics. You can take on the complete picture of power distribution systems, from requirement specification to implementation and verification. You understand power conversion optimization on a system level and how to design to achieve harsh EMC compliance and reliability requirements. On a personal level you are engaged, independent and creative, at the same time as you thrive in team work and have an ability to reach set goals. You are used to efficiently collaborating with team members as well as other stakeholders. This position includes access to classified information, therefore you are required to conduct a security screening in accordance with the Protective Security Act and be approved for security clearance by the authority.

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Vi letar efter ett par AWS konsulter, som kommer vara del av linjeorganisationen och då vara del av den dagliga driften, samt utvecklingen av den miljö som finns i AWS. Vi har en hybridmiljö, där vi k