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Fullstack Developer ID:196

Uppdaterat: 19 nov. 2021

As a person you understand the big picture and are willing to learn new things - and you are always ready to walk the extra mile to ensure a high-quality product.

The daily job will include contact with several different teams and departments and we believe you have excellent collaboration and communication skills.

As a person, you are open, driven and are not afraid to take own initiatives.

Who are you?

• Team player that likes to take part from start to finish with the team.

• Used to and likes working in a mature agile environment.

• Curious, open, drive to development themselves and have a personal continuous improvement.

• Likes to support and help others in the team(s) with their own development.

• Drive to test new things, to be on the leading edge technically.

• Like to work close with team members and participate in mob and/or pair programming on a daily basis.

This is what you have

• Strong background as full-stack developer

• Main skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java 8-11, Spring Boot, Spring Framework, React preferably redux.

• Experience and/or strong interest in working with cross-platform design, design systems and shared components.

• Experience in projects involving complex business logic

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IT support/trouble shooter ID:206

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