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Uppdaterat: 19 nov. 2021

As a person you understand the big picture and are willing to learn new things - and you are always ready to walk the extra mile to ensure a high-quality product.

The daily job will include contact with several different teams and departments and we believe you have excellent collaboration and communication skills.

As a person, you are open, driven and are not afraid to take own initiatives.

Who are you?

• Team player that likes to take part from start to finish with the team.

• Used to and likes working in a mature agile environment.

• Curious, open, drive to development themselves and have a personal continuous improvement.

• Likes to support and help others in the team(s) with their own development.

• Drive to test new things, to be on the leading edge technically.

• Like to work close with team members and participate in mob and/or pair programming on a daily basis.

This is what you have

• Strong background as full-stack developer

• Main skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java 8-11, Spring Boot, Spring Framework, React preferably redux.

• Experience and/or strong interest in working with cross-platform design, design systems and shared components.

• Experience in projects involving complex business logic

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Vi söker nu efter en erfaren Scrum Master för heltidsarbete i första hand med vårt kombinerade Functional Safety/Cyber Security-team, För att söka efter rätt kompetens har vi sammanställt nedanstående

Vi letar efter ett par AWS konsulter, som kommer vara del av linjeorganisationen och då vara del av den dagliga driften, samt utvecklingen av den miljö som finns i AWS. Vi har en hybridmiljö, där vi k