Infrastructure developer ID:198

We are now in the journey of building a new Container and Cloud Team that automates and abstracts the complexity of modern infrastructure to provide scalable, secure and highly available platforms to support the business needs and growth. In order to succeed with our new Container architecture, we are looking to strengthen our C&C team with an Infrastructure Developer that sees code where others see traditional infrastructure and work from the ground-up principle to automate everything. As a part of the team, consisting of 5 members responsible for our container platforms on a global level, there will be plenty of problem solving and room to learn. To fit our team, we believe you should thrive in a fast-paced environment where everyone is free to speak their mind and where a good solution is prioritized over prestige. We think that you are already a generalist or a specialist who would like to broaden your skills.

This is what you will do:

  • Build and maintain container infrastructure as well as cloud production systems around the globe

  • Work with a broad technology stack

  • Work to deliver reliable, scalable and highly available systems

  • Be operationally responsible for our infrastructure, including taking part in 3rd line stand-by rotation

You would like to work with these technologies:

  • Kubernetes on prem and EKS environments

  • Networking around Kubernetes

  • Automation (Puppet, Ansible, Terraform)

  • Cloud Computing (OpenStack, AWS)

  • Programming Languages (Python, Go)

We would like for you to tick a few of these boxes:

  • Background in Linux and/or Networking

  • Experience with infrastructure automation

  • Experience working with transaction heavy systems

  • Experience with deep diving into Linux systems

  • Experience with load balancing, routing, firewalls, VPNs

  • Have the mindset and skills to become an effective part of a cross-functional, self-organizing, self-managing team

You'll like our infrastructure team if you:

  • Strong believer in Opensource and GitOps philosophies

  • Think code & automation is the right way to evolve infrastructure

  • Thrive in a high paced work environment

  • Think having freedom with responsibility is the way to go

  • Like working with a large environment

  • Aren’t afraid to challenge, or to be challenged in a discussion

  • Prefer working in a self-organizing team

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