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You will be part of a team that develops and maintains integration components, provisioning platform (order management and orchestration) and support tools and constantly improving the code base using modern technologies.

The team interacts with stakeholders to define requirements, create detailed design and implement solutions.

The team is responsible to execute unit and functional tests and perform code review, create deploy scripts and deploy instructions. 

They also perform functional and non-functional system integration and system testing in close cooperation with business representatives.


* A lot of experience of Java 10/11/15/17, JDBC, JMS, Spring Framework.

* The right candidate should have worked for longer periods in an agile environment and fully understand agile principles where the team shares the responsibility for what they deliver.

Hands on role - about 80 % of the time is spent coding

We would also like for you to have experience or knowledge in some of the following areas:

* Spring Boot  

* React/Javascript  

* Kafka 

* Docker/Kubernetes 

* Basic Linux/Unix 

* REST, Maven, Git 

* Databases like Oracle, MongoDB, Postgres 

* JMS Providers such as Active MQ or similar 

* Knowledge of Domain Driven Design and Development 

* Experience of TDD and test automation 

* Experience of test data management, mocking of external APIs  

* Experience of continuous delivery 

* Provisioning, service activation, TV (broadcast and play) and the telecom industry

* Knowledge of PL/SQL 

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