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Main need is to create and revise user documentation and training material, and improve master data quality.

The Product Data Management team is responsible for creating and maintaining user documentation and delivering user training for the PLM/PDM system Magic.

Forming of our the BTG group and the company growth is driving needs to update large number of user guides and generate user trainings. At the same time, the subject matter experts in the team are shifted to focus mainly on the activities driven by forming the BTG group, which creates an extra resource need to fill the gaps.

In addition, there is a growing need for data stewardship, and a part of this project will be to identify incorrect master data and make corrections in the master systems.


Services Task – Name and Description (detail each Services task in a single box)

User documentation: Create and maintain Magic User Guides

Training material: Create and maintain Magic Training Material

Data updates: Identify meta data discrepancies and perform updates in IT systems


  • ~2 year’s experience from working with product, quality or user documentation.

  • Understanding of quality management system requirements and project management experience is an advantage.

Start: Mitt November

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