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Project Manager ID:77

We seek a project manager to drive 2-3 projects within Product Management and the team concerning Networking Solutions & Security.

1. We are in need of driving a LCM project for hardware that is end of life for our Datanet services. This is quite limited and clear scope with already identified stakeholders and business decision is being prepared at the moment. Here it's important to perform more ordinary project management with steerco stakeholder meetings and also drive operational meetings to ensure progress in the project as such. Here it is more focus on implementing and driving.

2. We are also in need of driving an onboarding project for a new partner. We have signed a partnership agreement with Fortinet whom we need to onboard into our Networking as well as Security portfolio. This is a broad and challenging project including many stakeholders and change management. Here the person needs to work with multiple departments and unify the project with a clear scope and timeplan.

This is project management both with steerco presentations, budget, operational meetings to drive progress. It is more of a "verksamhetsprojekt" with a lot of change management connected to it to make sure that Sales is ready, Commercial is ready, Delivery know what and how to deliver and support. It also includes some IT development. A project directive is in place and things have started already.

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IT support/trouble shooter ID:206

Kravprofil • Systemutvecklarbakgrund med kunskap om IT-infrastruktur med inriktning på LAN/WAN • Grundläggande kunskaper om molntjänster och webbaserade teknologier • Goda kunskaper i svenska och enge


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