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Projektledare till kund i Uppsala ID:87

Assignment: Operational Project Leader


We are seeking a operational project leader that will participate in a pre-study phase to identify projects and pace of an overall program to only use one PLM system. Today we have multiple systems used across multiple countries. Once the pre phase is done the consultant will run one of the identified projects to completion as part of an overall program..

Run the project according to the Project.

Potential travels are decided by the project.


Be active in the pre-study to find best approach to deliver the overall program

Responsible to run one of the projects identified in the pre-study to completion


  • Experience in leading projects and ability to adapt your leadership to situations

  • Experience of business change and ability to provide a professional, humble approach

  • Understanding of data related to product design, product manufacturing,

  • Good cooperation skills and own drive to take responsibility for what you have to deliver.

  • Patience with administrative work

  • You manage to be industrially efficient, meaning prioritize what is good enough and drop what is not included in the assignment.

  • Have a flexible mindset and solution driven

  • Language requirements: English and if possible Swedish

Start: 02-APR-2023

End: 30-SEP-2024

Last day to submit CV: Mar-13 2023

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