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RF Developer ID:28

Job Summary:

Your role will include essential activities such as: design and continuous improvement of components in terms of RF performance, time to market and cost. Our focus is on lean and agile ways of working. We organize in cross functional development teams in which continuous improvement, innovation and knowledge sharing is part of the daily work.


· RF design of signal distribution components such as phase shifters or power dividers

· Develop and qualify new concepts and technical approaches

· Test, evaluate and qualify prototypes

· Tight interaction with antenna design teams

· Support of industrialization

· Implement methods for tolerance analysis and robust design

· Improvement of the simulation processes (automatization and standardization)

Key Qualifications

· University or advanced technical college degree in electrical engineering or equivalent

· Familiar with 2D and 3D EM simulation tools (CST Microwave Studio, Ansys HFSS, AWR Microwave Office, Keysight ADS)

· experience in RF and Antenna Technology and Design is particularly advantageous

· Analytical and troubleshooting skills

· Capability to work autonomously and well-structured

· The reliability and devotion for working in an international team environment

· Self-reliance and motivation are key skills

· Professional communication skills in English

· Basic German language skills (not a must)

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