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Scrum Master ID:2

Vi söker nu efter en erfaren Scrum Master för heltidsarbete i första hand med vårt kombinerade Functional Safety/Cyber Security-team,

För att söka efter rätt kompetens har vi sammanställt nedanstående rollbeskrivning.

In this role you will:

• Coach and support the team members/team with a focus on agile mindset and principles

• Coach the team in continuous improvement and collaboration

• Support the Product Owner in planning and realizing product goals

• Identify and remove impediments beyond the reach of the developers

• Coordinate the work between teams where there are dependencies

• Facilitate team events like sprint planning and retrospective

• Participate in and help shape Scrum Master/Product Owner forums driving coordination and improvement throughout the Agile Release Train

Who we are looking for:

You have a passion for driving change, developing people and seeing them grow to their full potential. You thrive in the role of a servant leader and strive for the team to be self-organizing and working in accordance with agile values and principles.

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