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Senior System Engineer / System Architect ID:16

Work tasks: Acting as system engineer in the development of the customer products. Defining product requirements and selecting good system designs and solutions to technical challenges. The products includes Software stack, machine vision, electronics, optronics and mechanics. This means working together with expert in the different disciplines. Being an informal technical lead that helps and guides different development teams in the design of the products. The role includes taking part in discussions with customers and understanding their needs and converting this into technical requirements and product design.

Knowledge, skills, experience: Master degree in physics, computer science, electronics or equivalent. +5 Years product development preferably in a system role. General knowledge in Software, electronics, optronics and mechanics but may have focus in one of these areas.

Personal qualities: As this is a technical leader role it is important to be outgoing and communicative both verbally and in writing. As we have employees from many parts of the world we communicate in English.

Start date: October-November 2022.

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IT support/trouble shooter ID:206

Kravprofil • Systemutvecklarbakgrund med kunskap om IT-infrastruktur med inriktning på LAN/WAN • Grundläggande kunskaper om molntjänster och webbaserade teknologier • Goda kunskaper i svenska och enge


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