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Software/Firmware Engineer id:36

Role: Software/Firmware Engineering

Place: due to lots of hands-on work, it is required to work closely on site in Uppsala


Need of senior embedded software engineer with mechatronic skills within BTG R&D Software Uppsala to be able to meet the increased demand of product care initiatives related to electronic component shortages in production.

Strengthening of our embedded team will also mitigate the risk of having to pause strategically important NPI initiatives like Oden (which also aims at addressing a bigger portion of “last time buy” and component shortages).

Due to the complexity of embedded development, with lots of hands-on work, it is required to work closely on site together with the rest of the Embedded team.


Source code in C and any other applicable programming language.

Design documentation and reports written in English.

Experience, skills:

Embedded Software Engineer: Software design, embedded development and testing primarily in C for a real time environment

Also .NET/C# development might also be in scope.

Writing design documentation such as specifications and reports.

Mechatronic skills are important as well as knowledge of IAR workbench.

Start: 14 Nov 2022

End: 30 Jun 2023

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