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Certification engineer ID:196


Certification engineer for national type approvals and legislation questions, being market responsible for a number of markets planning the type approvals for the market.

Working in a team where all have similar working tasks but for different markets.

Technical investigations and input to our running projects regarding regulatory questions, support questions from the markets and from R&D regarding regulations but also general information handling.

Close cooperation with our distributors and designers.


Where will the assignment be performed (Onsite, Hybrid, offsite)

Hybrid with approximately 60 % in the office, Mondays and Tuesdays is mandatory to be in office.



Engineering at university level is required.



English fluently, both speaking and writing.




Previous experience from vehicle manufacturer, mechanical/electrical engineering, engine knowledge

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IT support/trouble shooter ID:206

Kravprofil • Systemutvecklarbakgrund med kunskap om IT-infrastruktur med inriktning på LAN/WAN • Grundläggande kunskaper om molntjänster och webbaserade teknologier • Goda kunskaper i svenska och enge


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