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Compliance Specialist - Battery Systems Development ID:205

Ensure battery systems meet all relevant legislative and market-specific standards to facilitate global market access.


- Identify and interpret regulatory requirements for battery system products to ensure compliance.

- Work with engineering teams to derive product requirements and integrate these requirements into our Requirements Management tool.

- Regularly update and communicate changes in compliance standards to engineering teams.

- Collaborate with engineering, business development, and technical project managers to research and validate regulatory requirements.

- Manage documentation and certifications necessary for compliance, including interfacing with third-party test labs and certification bodies.

- Act as the primary contact for certification bodies and maintain strategic compliance alignment.

- Serve as the main point of contact for internal and external technical experts on compliance issues.


Erfarenhetsnivå Nivå 3 

— Har utfört flera liknande uppdrag/projekt. Kan arbeta självständigt och till viss del leda en mindre grupp och utveckla inom området.


- 5-10 years of relevant or similar experience

- Technically proficient in areas of Electrical and Mechanical engineering- Preferably experience in applying current European and American Directives/Standards for Lithium-ion battery products.

- Experience in certification of products within and outside Europe- Excellent English written and oral communication skills, with experience of delivery to a variety of internal and external stakeholders of varying seniorities.

- Ability to work under high pressure and tight deadlines, excellent time management.

50% Hybrid


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