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Lifecycle engineer/business analyst (75%) ID:197

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The Lifecycle engineer is responsible for performing cost-to-serve analysis and identifying and driving improvement suggestions to ensure low lifecycle costs in product development. The lifecycle engineer owns the installed base data and is responsible for product setup in our CRM system.


• Quickly understands the business issues and data challenges of the organization and industry.

• Identifies related strengths and weaknesses and suggests areas of improvement.

• Skilled in developing requirements documents and system design specifications for project engagements.

• Reviews and edits requirements, specifications, business processes, and recommendations related to proposed solutions.

• Key user of our CRM system, Salesforce.

• Responsible for the installed base data and product structure setup in our CRM system.

• Responsible for Neuro Business line FCO management, e.g., monitoring FCO implementation status and working closely with the service regions.

• Responsible for Service Lifecycle information to ensure the information is up to date during the complete product lifecycle.

• Works closely with stakeholders such as logistics and global service to manage the spare part strategy based on installed base size and service infrastructure.


• To take actions which are in the scope of Neuro Service tactic plan and budget.

• Release and approve documents according to the delegating list.

Relevant knowledge, skills and competencies:

Educational background and knowledge:

• Bachelor or master’s degree in computer science or Engineering.

• Minimum of two years of relevant working experience, preferably within the medical device industry.

Skills required for the role:

• Clear and effective communicator.

• Excellent skills in verbal and written communication in English.

• Take personal accountability for the timeliness and quality of assigned deliverables.

Preferable experience:

• Working with after-sales and service organizations, preferably in a strongly regulated industry.

• Experience working with Agile delivery processes and a good understanding of Agile practices.

• Working with PLM and CRM systems.

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