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Product Manager | Digital Experience Platform ID:169



All about the role: 

As software is playing an increasingly significant role in enabling digital consumer experiences, we are gearing up to become more agile, faster in responding to user and market demands and quicker in identifying new market opportunities.

This involves elevating our appliances to digital, software-defined products in a seamless integration of modular electronics, software, and connectivity platform.

The foundational layers to enable this future is connectivity, processing power, memory, operating systems and common enablers. 

You will be part in an ambitious journey that just has started, creating a unified platform for several product lines. 


We’re looking for a Product Manager to join us on our journey. 


What you'll do: 

You will work alongside highly skilled engineers in a cross-functional product team, and with other Product, Engineering & Design Managers from other domains, to create and continuously evolve our next generation modular platform which will enable advanced experiences in next-generation appliances. 

In detail, you will: 

  • Define, drive, and communicate product roadmap and OKRs, that align with business objectives and customer needs, of both hardware and software 

  • Set appropriate expectations towards stakeholders, and ensure the team has the right level of support to build and iterate towards objectives 

  • Prioritize the product backlog, supported by analytics, performance, unit economy, and other insights increasing its value 

  • Continuously improve the progress of the product and of the team 

  • Collaborate with the team and engineering counterpart for alignment and execution 



Who you are: 

  • A Product Manager with 7+ years of experience from physical products with embedded software 

  •  Very Good knowledge in Embedded systems, Linux, Open software and a fair amount of knowledge in associated frameworks.  

  • Deep knowledge in either Linux and/or Zephyr 

  • Experienced in Agile frameworks and practices incl. the OKR framework 

  • More than comfortable in taking the Scrum Master role   

  • Hands on attitude, working for the team in the different Scrum events 



You demonstrate: 

·  Collaboration - contribute to a highly collaborative environment that enables a deeply technical cross functional team to flourish. 

·  Adaptability & Resilience - can effectively navigate change, challenges, and setbacks while maintaining a positive and flexible approach. 

·  Proactivity - eager to learn and grow, sees challenges as opportunities, seeks and - is responsive to - feedback. 

·  Communication - effectively exchange information and ideas with confidence and respect, able to demonstrate progress, raise issues and articulate changes on a frequent basis. 

·  Empathy - can understand and acknowledge the emotions and perspectives of others during conversations. 

·  Problem-Solving - able to connect the dots between insights, strategy, and conceptual direction; outcome - as opposed to task - orientation. 

·  Responsibility - accountable, reliable, and proactive in building systems and handling dependencies, contributing to a trustworthy and effective team dynamic. 


Where you'll be: You will be part of a dynamic international team, where English is the natural language (if you know Italian it’s a plus).

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