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Solution Architect ID:204

We are looking for a skilled and innovative Solution Architect to join our team to lead and drive the transformation of our applications portfolio to meet the specific needs and challenges of the mainland China market. As part of our strategy, we are implementing a separation of data and network between China and the global network. If you have a passion for technology, innovation, and excel at solving complex problems, this is the perfect opportunity for you. 


As an IT Solution Architect specializing in applications portfolio transformation, you will be responsible for evaluating the risks and complexities of our current applications and determining how they can be adapted to function smoothly in Mainland China. You will also play a key role in our strategic decision to separate data and network between Mainland China and the global network, ensuring compliance with local regulations and improving security.


Key Responsibilities:


Applications Portfolio Assessment: Evaluate our current applications portfolio to identify areas of improvement, compliance gaps, and risks related to Mainland China, and create a suggestion of what applications to use to meet the needs in Mainland China.


Regulatory Compliance: Stay up to date with Chinese regulations and standards, and ensure our applications adhere to these requirements.


Solution Design: Develop architectural solutions and recommendations to address the unique challenges and opportunities in Mainland China.


Network and Data Separation: Lead the implementation of a data and network separation strategy between Mainland China and the global network to enhance data security and regulatory compliance. Making sure the necessary separation is there and at the same time keep implementation efficient.


Leadership & Collaboration: Provide guidance, be the drive, mentorship, and support to team members, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment. Work closely with project managers, developers, managers, and other stakeholders to implement the necessary changes in the applications. Clearly communicate the actions needed to the rest of the organization and maintain a clear overview of progress.


Documentation: Maintain just enough documentation of architecture, plans, and changes for reference and compliance.



Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, Information Technology, or a related field.

Proven experience as an IT Architect or Solutions Architect with a focus on applications portfolio transformation.

Knowledge of Mainland China's regulatory environment and technology landscape is preferred.


- Leadership experience and the ability to inspire and guide a teams and individuals.

 - Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically and analytically.

 - Excellent communication skills with the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams.

 - Proficiency in architectural design and documentation tools.

 - Relevant certifications (e.g., TOGAF, AWS Certified Solutions Architect) would be a plus.


Solution Architect for designing, coordinating, and driving the IT solutions for commercial part in China

Where will the assignment be performed (Onsite, Hybrid, offsite)



 University degree in relevant subject



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IT support/trouble shooter ID:206

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