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Work tasks

• Understand the customers business, strategy, and priorities on a high-level

• Educate key stakeholders and Business Applications about the subscription platform market: Important vendors, strengths, weaknesses, typical use cases.

• Lead workshops with key stakeholders to gather relevant functional and technical requirements.

• Map requirements to vendors, propose one or multiple solutions, incl. a brief description of the to-be situation, and estimate project implementation time and costs on a high level

Knowledge, skills, experience, education

• Excellent knowledge about the subscription platform market

• Experience working with similar companies: SMEs with high-value low volume-products that historically sold products with license keys and are now exploring subscription business models for B2B and B2C

• Excellent knowledge about systems integrations and processes (subscription platforms, CRMs, ERPs, Marketing Automation platforms, etc.)

Personal qualities

What personality traits will this candidate benefit from? What “soft skills” are desirable?

• Problem solver:

o Anticipates problems, analyzes situations to identify illogical solutions and inconsistencies;

o Develops effective, sensible and workable solutions to problems;

o Sees the big picture and takes into account broader considerations;

o Learn new knowledge quickly and is able to use current knowledge in flexible ways.

• Business Savvy

o Understands the strategies and priorities of the business and applies the knowledge to achieve objectives;

o Applies knowledge of key business drivers and measurements (e.g., market products/services, competition, financial indicators, performance measures);

o Focuses energy and resources on projects and tasks that add value;

o Takes calculated risks to achieve goals.

• Planning

o Develops short- and long-range plans that are comprehensive and realistic;

o Anticipates problems and develops contingency plans;

o Aligns short- and long-term goals with the big picture;

o Determines benchmarks of progress toward unit objectives and coordinate resources.

• Initiator

o Champions new initiatives within and beyond the scope of own job;

o Seeks out new work challenges;

o Acts when others hesitate;

o Initiates activities and projects independently.

• Good communicator

o Conveys information with clarity and ease, both orally and in writing;

o Listens effectively; seeks first to understand and then be understood;

o Keeps others informed; gives specific and constructive feedback;

o Handles issues in an open and honest manner when they are presented, rather than later on in another context.

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