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Requirements Engineer ID:103

You will join a team for developing methods and processes for requirement management engineering where the development teams and other decision-makers are the stakeholders in this area.

When developing methods for requirement work you will be a part of developing our Requirement Management System (tool) which enables both requirement methods, processes, and tools.

If you appreciate tasks where you can use your strategic overview and your values to guide others in doing what’s right, come and join us?

You will be working cross-functional and cross-organizational and be involved in all project phases from early concept development onwards. You will be networking to a large extent.

Examples of work tasks:

• Define the concept of a method by collecting experience and deep diving into the business needs

• Continuously improve our way of working within the area of requirement handling

• Develop the working methods in requirements by discussing with stakeholders and describing it in a documented way

• Define the User Features and expectations on the requirement management tool

• Implement the methods by teaching, coaching and “selling” the method into the organization.

• Maintenance is also part of your responsibility where you will implement improvements and adapt the methods for the new business needs, based on the implementation experience

Your Profile

Experienced in creating requirements for embedded systems.

ability to see the whole picture and how different parts within the Requirements Engineering domain

See the importance of getting things right and working meticulously with details.

Solving complicated and complex matters are part of your background, preferably from safety-critical system development.

You enjoy working independently but systematically.

As a person, you are curious and truly interested in other people’s opinions to understand the needs of different roles.

Good skills in presenting your work result to stakeholders and also documenting technical instructions and guidelines.

Knowledge in Cyber Security (UN-ECE R155) and Functional Safety (ISO 26262) is meritorious.

Fluent in English

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