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Software developers for development of Test ToolsID:241

Assignment: Software developer for development of Test Tools

Highly motivated and structured full stack developer. A lot of our logic and rules lies in the database information structure and a deep understanding of SQL and relational databases is needed together with UI development and logical expressional evaluations. We are connected to a lot of different systems via REST, various file formats, Data Lake, Jira API, Git API, Perforce API all with different communication structures and different data keys.

Base Skills: Development environment Visual Studio, .NET, C#, Windows forms. Webforms. IIS hosted web applications. Microsoft Services, Angular, Xamarin(IOS, Android). Creation and usage of REST API services, SQL Server, stored procedures and SQL queries, SQL Lite for embedded and local databases. Some of our applications are both offline and online as well as on mobile devices.

We are heavily dependent on GitLab, GitLab pipelines, Jira and Agile work processes.

Education: University education, preferably within computer science, or equivalent experience

Language: English

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